Boxer Gifts Old Age Past-It Notes | Funny Gift for Retirement Birthday Christmas Secret Santa

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Product Description

We all tend to start forgetting things as we get older. "Past It Notes" have been designed to help with remembering those essential task's on a day to day basis. The essential things we all need to remember are planned out on these little "Past It Notes" all you need to do is remember to tick them off!!

Box Contains

1 x Boxer Gifts Old Age Past-It Notes

  • WHO AM I? WHAT AM I DOING HERE? – Find yourself asking these questions? Memory like a goldfish? Sorry to break it to you, you old git but you’re losing your marbles! Grab your past-it notes and never forget your essentials again!
  • NEVER FORGET YOUR ESSENTIALS – Perfect formulated and designed for old gits, these past-it notes ensure that you never forget essentials such as ‘get washed’ and ‘put your teeth in’ ever again!
  • HILARIOUS OLD AGE GIFT – Get a friend, family member or colleague approaching a milestone age? Whether it’s for a 40th, 50th or 60th birthday, retirement, Christmas or secret santa, these hilarious joke pants make a great gift that’s sure to make them laugh!
  • LETS GET REAL – This is a novelty, joke shop product and is unlikely to make much of a difference to your hearing so don’t blame us when the grandkids continue to shout at you for being deaf!