DEVRNEZ Novelty Spinning Top Battle Robot Toy Cars Set & Deformation Toys – Multiple Ways to Play – Boy Toys/Gift for Kids/Birthday Present

  • Price : £9.99
  • Price : £9.99
  • Price : £9.99
  • 【3 IN 1 GYRO SET】This Robot Gyro Toy Car set contains 1 x gyro robot and 3 x ladybug toy cars. There are many ways to play,such as robot assembly, car toy racing, gyro competition, etc. It is the most popular toy for boys aged 2-5. With this spinning top toy set, children can play with their parents, classmates, and friends, improving children's hands-on ability and improving their cooperation ability.
  • 【CUTE ASSEMBLING ROBOT】Welcome to the robot world. The appearance design of this robot toy is very cute and will arouse children's interest and curiosity. The robot is assembled from three parts, among which the toy car is shaped like a magical ladybug, suitable as a gift for 2-4 years old girls. Our toys are specially designed for the baby's small hands, and the surface is smooth to ensure that the baby's small hands will not be hurt.
  • 【RACE CAR MODE】 This toy can be used as a rally car. The front wheel of the toy car is equipped with internally threaded gears. The inertial car only needs to be pushed gently( no battery needed), it will continue to move forward. Toy cars can also carry robots forward together. These cars can run smoothly on hardwood floors and even carpets. They will not fall down easily, nor will they spoil the happy hour.
  • 【SPINNING TOP MODE】Turn the toy car over and let it act like a gyroscope. You can use the clockwork to rotate the spinning top and press the button on the back of the robot to let the top land as a separate toy. If you have multiple such robots, you can superimpose the spinning top, or compete with your friends, which is very exciting. The whole toy has a firm and stable structure, impact resistance, and long service life.
  • 【THE BEST GIFT】The robot spinning top toy set is the best toy gift for boys and girls aged 2-6. This novel rally car toy is not only a good parent-child interactive toy, you can play with your child, you can also let your child play with your friends. At the same time, this toy packaging box looks exquisite and is a great choice for children’s birthday gifts, christmas gifts, and party games.

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